Extra Long Polka Dot Ties

Connect the dots to fashion success when you wear one of these truly gorgeous Extra Long Polka Dot Ties. Extra length ties are designed with the taller person in mind: if the average designer tie doesn’t quite meet your lengthy standards, then these ties are just the thing for you. Choose from a wide variety of Polka Dot designs to find the special tie that is ideal for your formal event or special occasion. Polka dots are typically associated with fun playfulness, and are often used to decorate children’s toys or clothing. This collection of polka patterns takes a more professional approach to the ‘teensy weensy’ polka dot design with a conservative yet eye catching set of designs that feature professional duos of stylish colours. Try out the Black with Red Dots Extra Long Tie for a hint of colour, or the Red with Midnight Navy Extra Long Tie for a bold fashion statement!