An Attention You Deserve

Your last resort at being unique and interesting is wearing striped bow ties to a party. Believe us, no one wears bow ties if you want to enjoy yourself much like the rest of the pack wants to enjoy theirs. If they want to be and feel just like everybody else, they wear silk neckties. And you don’t want that, right? You want to be unique, you want to be different.


You really have to make up your mind. If you want to get the most attention in a social gathering, then that’s what you do. Never mistake that from wanting to get acceptance and respect. Those are three different things. It means that there are different ways to earn them, too.


Wearing a simple and safe silk necktie will earn you acceptance as long you accompany that with a kind heart. Being able to choose elegant ties all the time will earn you respect, again when accompanied by an equally respectable personality. The same way, wearing a Red-Navy-Lt Blue-Lt Yellow Self Tie Silk Striped Bow Tie would surely catch everyone’s attention, if that’s what you want. Again, it has to be accompanied by an equally attention-grabbing personality.

See the common denominator among the three? Personality. Those accessories and nice suits would be worth nothing if you cannot walk the talk. You can rely on first impressions but even creating a good impression requires you the same effort to build up your intrapersonal qualities. That’s the only way for you to really get what you deserve.

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