Gone are the Days When Wearing Polk Dot Bow Ties is Common Sense

Flipping through some old photographs elicit from us conflicting emotions. There is this part of us who wishes to relive the past. There is this other part who just can’t believe that they were what they used to be.

It is us, wondering if we could feel the same way that we did back then and us questioning how we were able to feel that way back then. Both are strong emotions that it becomes difficult to pass the other in favor of the other.

What adds up to the mystery is the fact that such feelings are normal. Everyone has had his share contradictions and it occurs in different shapes and sizes. It can be as pertinent as relationships and as petty as wearing polka dot bow ties you can no longer imagine wearing.

What’s more amazing is that no matter how we try to say that we’ve changed, we still can’t deny the fact that those past are a great part of us and that we won’t be what we are right now if we weren’t so quirky wearing Light Yellow with Black Dots Self Tie Silk Bow Tie. Not even now that we prefer the finest silk neckties and can actually afford them.

It could be said that emotions don’t really change. When we get nostalgic about something, it does not really mean that we want to be somewhere else other than where we are now. In fact, more often than not, we are glad that the past have ended. We don’t long for the past, it’s just that the emotions are still there lurking somewhere inside us, waiting for a trigger.

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