How Important Is Atmosphere in Most People’s Weddings?

It might be a bit of surprising but in fact, according to a survey done by not one, not two, and not even three but five (yes, five!), five of the most reputable schools among the Ivy League universities, that there are a small sector of the population who, because of their active and adventurous lifestyle, would throw away not only the idea of “the traditional way” of getting married, but also the modern to just try the most wickedly boring motif.


When asked what could be the most boring dress motif they could think of, respondents coming from that particular sector all agreed, unintentionally, on one similar idea: self-tie bow ties, jogging pants, slippers and nothing else, not even American Flag Self Tie Bow Tie to give the wedding a bit of color. All of it plain and boring.


But when they were asked where such a boring wedding could be done, all of them too agreed, now with the rest of the respondents, that first and foremost, the place should add an atmosphere of solemnity. That would mean that even with a boring dress code, people put significance with the place where the wedding would be held. Even if it’s a beach wedding or an underwater wedding, or even a rappelling wedding, people would want to feel the rinsed notion of their God. Even if both the bride and groom would look so stupid wearing silk ties, it won’t matter as long as the venue was arranged and prepared with effort according to the liking of those to be wed.

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