It’s Not Polka Dots’ Fault!

If we look on a cloth and see dots all over it, we think of two things. First, we say “oh it’s polka dots!” Second is “wow, who would want such a design?” And truly, just by how dull polka dots look anyone could conclude that nobody wants polka dots in their home, in their office, in their schools and certainly nobody would want to wear polka dots!


And it might be sad but it is true. In a world where what is considered beautiful are the ones that look busy, the ones that look more unstructured and spontaneous, it is true that something so normal and so regularized like polka dots have no place in art and design just like fascism is revolted by anyone who knows their politics.


That’s why it would really come as a big surprise to a lot of people to find out that there was once a time in history that polka dots were considered the craze! Although this article is written not to talk about that but about how silk ties add, at the least, an appealing characteristic on polka dot bow ties, it would be worth mentioning that polka dots were once considered as the pillar of pop art! It was pop art even before it was brought to us by the Scandinavians.


If today it looks so unattractive, then don’t blame polka dot itself. Polka dots belong to specific period where it lorded over every design, and it did so because it found the mix of colors it would be most comfortable with. That’s why if you want to wear a Formal White with Navy Dots Self Tie Silk Bow Tie and end up looking like a used-up comedian trying to look funny by trying to look like a five year old, its not because the bow tie is a in polka dots. Rather, it’s because five year olds still don’t have any idea with regards to fashion.

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