Dressing Up in the Information Age

During the prehistoric period, the early human ancestors barely know how to dress. They just wear comfortable and practical types of clothing made of plant fibers or animal skin. The early means of clothing is just used during a special event such as rituals. This is because back then the very basic thing to do is to survive. As humans evolve, their lifestyle did the same. The arrival of new technologies, makes surviving, easier and living, harder.


Today dressing up is becoming more complicated. Every event has its particular type of clothing. During wedding, debutante cotillion, formal dates and other types of formal social gathering requires formal wear. Women wear gowns or their traditional dress to show elegance and beauty. Men are also required to wear such traditional clothing. The most popular is the western style of formal wear. This includes black and white garments and mens ties.


We also see different types of clothing in a sports event. During a football game we see team executives wearing formal suits with their team’s respective symbols. During the game versus the visiting Atlanta, New Orleans Saints team owner wore the official New Orleans Saints Cufflinks to show support to his team. NFL football cufflinks are not supposed to be released before the end of the season but instead their owner wants it earlier, believing it could inspire his team to do good this season.


On the other hand, casual wear is the most common type of clothing. It is preferred on common events by common people. This is the type of clothes that are not usually pertaining to an occasion or special event. T-shirts, shorts, skirts, blouses, and denims belong to this type of clothing – you’d want to save your neckties for another day.

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